Have you ever wondered how your dog would tell someone: He needs his medicine, Where he lives, He might bite, He is blind or deaf, Micro-chipped or any message he might need to tell someone if he is separated from you?

Have you ever wondered what could happen in a natural disaster, loss of power or help a rescue team see your dog and alert them to any special needs?

Have you ever tripped over your pet in the dark? Walked your pet in the dark and worried about being easily seen?


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The Glowing choice for your pet's safety! 


Love My Pets Glow Protection System is a unique, high visibility, Glow in the dark AND reflective pet safety collar with FREE custom text for your pet’s Protection! 

Why buy it?

  1. No Batteries or bulbs EVER needed!
  2. FREE  custom text, letters bonded directly to collar, prevents peeling!
  3. Only daylight required,  NO  power needed for charging!
  4. ​Glows for 12 hours plus! Non toxic!

Love My Pets Glow Protection system wants to make this poster a sign of the past!