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 dog gps

There is a large group of dog owners that really worry about the whereabouts of their pet. Whether these owners are out on the town, at work, or on vacation, they worry about the safety of their pets. One solution that is available is for owners to have the peace of mind of knowing the exact location of their dog.  Using a dog gps is the best way to know the exact whereabouts of your pet.   In this article I will talk about the benefit of the dog gps to the owner, the cons of the dog gps to the owner, how dog gps works, and why all owners should invest in a dog gps.

I myself live in a household with a dog named Tank. Tank is a German Shepherd. He is a very large dog. That’s why his name is Tank. The firsts few years of our time with Tank involved chasing him around for hours on end. He was a high energy puppy. We loved Tank and Tank loved us. We never would have thought Tank would try to leave us, but we didn’t have eyes on Tank all the time. But he had eyes on rabbits all the time. These rabbits led Tank away from us not once, but twice. When he got away, especially the first time, my whole family was worried sick. Both times he has returned to the house, but not without really worrying all of my family to death. I wish we had a dog gps tracker on Tank. We could have found him right away instead of driving around yelling his name out the window thinking he would hear us and find us. Even if we just had a dog gps on him while he was a pup, because he is in no condition to run away now, it would have been worth the peace of mind knowing wherever he went we could find him.

A GPS Dog tracking system really has no long-term cons. It is selling for $229. Knowing where your dog is at all times could bring added worry to an owner though, if you have a dog that likes to run around the town.  The Love My Pets GPS system has the ability of setting a pre-defined "Geo Fence" enabling the owner to recieve alerts when the pet leaves the pre-determined zone.

 The gps collar or harness works rather simply as one may imagine. A gps device, not much different from ones found in cars or aircraft or anything of the sort is placed on your pups collar. The device works as more of a tracking device then an actual gps device, which helps people travel about unknown land. It is a locator on your pup that goes directly to a website with a map and transmits the location. On the website with a map you will see a blue, or red, or whatever color suits you or your dog, signifying where he or she is at the time. The dog gps does require the owner of the dog to have Internet access to obtain the information about the dog’s location.

Really there isn’t a real reason that I could find as to why all dog owners should not have gps. If you can afford it, it is certainly the way to go. Of course, if you have tremendous amounts of time on your hands, and you spend all day every day with your dog, you surely wouldn’t need the dog gps to know where he is. However, who really knows what is going through a dogs mind at any given point in time. I would argue that no one does. This is why a dog gps is good for all owners. What if your pup sees something he likes and takes off after it and gets himself lost. You would surely want to be able to have a track on your pup to find him, for yours and for your dog’s sake. Every owner cares about his or her dog, and every owner could and should use dog gps for their piece of mind and their dog’s safety.

So there you have it. A little breakdown of why dog gps is valuable, the intricacies of how it works, and why all dog owners should purchase dog gps tracker . Don’t leave your dogs safety, and location, to risk.

The Love My Pets GPS Dog Tracking System is an award winning tracking system available with a collar or harness.  The system has special advantages. With it you can set up a GPS fence or a "GEO Fence" which makes the device to produce alarm and alerts you whenever your dog goes beyond the defined perimeter.

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GPS technology has found applications not only in tracking of dogs; it can also be used to track vehicles, animals and human beings including children.  Protect your pet today!

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