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Find Your Pet In The Dark - Make Your Pet Glow

Increase The Visibility of Your Pet With A Glow In The Dark Dog Collar Or Harness


Having a dog collar that can actually protect you AND your pet after dark is a good choice.  Choosing a dog collar for your pet might be great fun but what about the collar if you cannot see it distinctly during the night?  It is then that the glow in the dark dog collars comes into the picture which allows you to distinctly identify where your dog is amidst a crowd after dark and from a distance.  If you are taking out your pet for a stroll then this glow in the dark dog collar will definitely keep you and your pet absolutely safe.  It is also nice to have a collar that glows on your dog when during the night you may need to move around the house.  Many accidents have occured when pet owners have tripped over their pet during the night.  The added visibility of seeing your dog provides additional protection for them and you.glowing dog collars

Generally, the glow in the dark dog collar gets activated when it is continuously exposed to direct light and this charges it up to make the glow dog collar for up to ten hours.  This ability of the dog collar to produce light of its own makes it different from the reflector collars that also help in identifying the dogs during dark.

Like any other collars, the shape and size of the glow in the dark dog collar should be borne in mind when you are selecting it for your pet.  Not all pets are of the same built and size.  Each one has a unique frame and built and therefore, the collar that you choose should be comfortable around its neck and should not cause any abrasions that will make it difficult for the dog to wear.  Depending on the size of the dog, a gap of two to three fingers spacing is ideal to allow for the free movement of the collar around the neck.  If your pet is small now, then you should keep in mind the size to which it might grow up to and then buy accordingly.  One can make adjustments for the current size and modify it when the pet has grown up to a bigger size.  The collar could be fixed up either through buckles or through snap-together closures.  Test for the strength and then go in for the one you think would best suit your dog.

An ideal glow dog collar should help in keeping your pet safe and be adjustable as well as washable.  The maintenance of the dog collar is convenient and should not be a burden to you.  See to it that you can put your pets identification tag around the dog collar so that it is easy for anybody to retrace it.  An ideal dog collar is one that protects your pet while one is out walking your pet. 

The dog collars that glow need to be activated by exposing it to light for certain period of time so that it glows in the dark for hours together.  They do not scare dogs as some LED pet collars do.  The One Of A Kind glow-in-the-dark material is non-toxic and recharges to full luminescence after only a short exposure to daylight. You and your pets are safer while exercising during early morning or evening hours or when visibility is poor.  The leashes Reflect and Glow in the dark to provide greater visibility.

Glow in the dark Dog Harnesses are also available in multiple sizes and in two colors: Red and Black.