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Love My Pets GPS Dog Collar and Harness - Ultimate Modern Pet Safety Love My Pets GPS Dog Collar and Harness - Ultimate Modern Pet Safety

The Love My Pets GPS Dog Safety Collar - To Keep Your Furry Family Member Safe

Technology has advanced much in the past 30 years. Since many consider a pet a member of the family, one of the best ways to protect that family member is by the use of a Love My Pets GPS Safety dog collar. When your dog escapes from the yard, do you want him to be helpless and alone?

Pets are lost for many different reasons. Sometimes they escape from the house or pen. Other times they are stolen. They may have wandered out of the yard and been picked up by animal control, thinking that they are a stray. With GPS being available on so many devices, the idea of adding a unit to a dog collar or harness was natural. Just click a button and find out exactly where that pet is and get that precious pet back
home.gps dog collar   Mike Macattee of Love My Pets GPS LLC noticed after Hurricante Katrina in New Orleans Louisiana that many pets had been lost and the owners could not find them.  A Love My Pets GPS Dog Safety collar or Dog GPS tracker could fix that.

With the GPS unit attached to the collar, whenever your pet is found to be missing, you return to and click on "Locate My Pet".  Log into the service and locate your pet instantly.  In addition, you can give the dog a certain circle in which he is allowed to roam. If he passes that circle, you will get an alert.  This is the "GeoFence" feature.



There is nothing worse than when a pet runs away and cannot be found. GPS pet trackers are a wonderful solution to this very common problem. Using GPS and cellular technology the dog collar or harness is able to track the pet, so the owner can find him. This completely alleviates the past issue of not being able to find the dog when the pet runs away.  It is also better than Pet Microchips because they can only identify a dog when it has been found, they CANNOT locate a pet.

The application of the collar is very simple; the collar is simply placed on the neck of the dog just like a regular collar. The collar is then synced to the GPS system via a telephone call, so that the owner can always find the dog no matter where the pet may have gone to. Many pet owners attempt to let their dog stay in a fenced in yard for the safety of the pet, unfortunately dogs find very inventive ways of escaping these closed in spaces.

Before the invention of GPS collars for dogs, this meant a lot of work for the owner where they would have to walk all over the neighborhood trying to find the lost animal. This would often take a lot of time, and in the worst cases the pet would either never be found or be found injured. This is the very reason that the Love My Pets GPS dog collars and harnesses come into being. In this way if a pet wanders out of their yard they can always be found quite easily.


Before purchasing a GPS dog tracking collar, here are some factors to consider. The weight of the GPS unit should not hinder the dog since he or she will be wearing the unit at all times. It should be compact enough that the dog cannot reach the unit to chew on it rendering it useless. The accuracy of the unit is also very important since it will lead you to your dog. Price is also a consideration.  Local Florida Sheriff K-9 Units use Love My Pets GPS pet safety products because they work well and are cost effective.

Why use Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Products:

  • Functionality.  Easy to use gps dog collars that work even when other gps dog collars wont
  • Instant Locations.  Easily log into our website and locate your pet within Seconds! Your Dog CANNOT hide!
  • Price. The lowest cost gps dog collar on the market with the best features including invisible fences.
  • Safety.  Reflective Glow in the Dark Pet Safety collars are unique one of a kind designs made to protect your pet when you cant.

We love our pets and treat them as part of the family. Why not make the investment to be sure that they are always safe and will be safely found.


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