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Love My Pets GPS Trackers Provide Affordable Pet Locating

The Love My Pets GPS system is a worry free way to ensure that your pet is safe. Each day the newspapers contain ads from people who have lost a cherished pet and are willing to do anything for help in finding them. We even see pictures or signs posted for help recovering a lost pet.  It is a sad situation that would never have happened had the owners been able to track a pet that was lost. Pet GPS As Seen On TV

A Pet is a very important part of the family and having the ability to locate and recover a lost pet can mean so much.  The Love My Pets GPS tracking system keeps track of your pets utilizing GPS tracking technology to monitor your pets whereabouts at all times. All you will have to do is log into the system from your computer and within just a couple of minutes you will be able to find out exactly where your pet is. That is a lot better than walking around your neighborhood asking people if they have seen your pet, or even having to put up posters.  Via an online map of your neighborhood or whereever your pet is located you can Instantly identify its whereabouts. 

Technology at work

You will find the pet GPS system to be an easy to use and hassle free system. You will simply put a collar, containing a GPS device, onto your dog. The rest is up to the system.

Benefits of the Love My Pets GPS Dog Collar:

Geo Fence:  You will be able to set the distance around your home that the pet is allowed to wander, once out of that safe zone the GPS can automatically alert you via SMS to your cell phone.  The GeoFence feature allows you to know exactly when your pet has wandered.  This is especially helpful to anyone who has a pet that tends to wander off.  The GEO Fence feature is set up by you, you select the safe zone and the Pet GPS does the rest.

Instant Alerts and Realtime Tracking: The online tracking system will map your pet's location at all times, and anytime that you want to check on them you can log into the system.  By logging into the sight tracking website you can locate your dog instantly via a real-time "Google/Bing" type map.  Each map may be zoomed in and finding your pet will be easy.

Safe and Effective:  At only 2.65 ounces the GPS device is lightweight and yet has the ability to locate within a home and even under bridges.  A powerful locator will allow your pet to always be identified.

It is quick and easy to get any GPS pet tracking system ready. Just call 888.588.7738 for assitance and a professional can assist you in setting up your system and tracking account. 

Your system will be ready the moment you establish the safe zone and put the collar on your pet. From that moment on you can check on their location.

You will never have to stress out about your pet again which will leave you to focus on other things.

Value of the System

Each owner will have their own reasons for getting the pet GPS tracking system, but one reason that everyone has in common is that the system saves them from worrying.

Pets tend to wander into places that they should not be in. With this system you will never have to worry about them being safe. It will effectively eliminate the risk of your pet getting hurt.

If your pet does wander off, you can rest assured that they could not be far. The moment that they leave the safe zone you will receive notice and can check where they are online. This is especially helpful for those who own small puppies who are young and tend to find their way out into the street. Yes, they can run but cannot hide.

We all love our pets and with a pet GPS system we can keep them safe. There is no better reason to have one of these systems.

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