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The Love My Pets GPS Difference

Typical Dog Microchips Only Identify Pets

Not Find Them!lost dog


Typical microchips are designed for identification.

For a lost, microchip-tagged pet to be reunited with you, someone must find your pet and take your pet to a facility with scanning capabilities. After scanning your pet, the facility contacts your service provider, who then contacts you.

The Love My Pets GPS System is different. Our system puts control back in your hands.

What Is A Gps Dog Microchip?
When you start to hear about microchips and gps for dogs, naturally, you want to learn more. However, there currently are no gps dog microchips, they are two separate things. A microchip is just an identification tag. The gps locator is often constructed in the animals collar. The gps is designed to tell you where your dog is. This suddenly sounds much more exciting and useful than a microchip!
It is normal to want to know more. Are the gps collars safe? Are they expensive? Will the dog mind wearing it? Is it hard to use? Will the expensive collar make your dog more prone to mishap?
After all, this is a miraculous invention. Dogs are not stationery objects. They often try to escape. Most often, by the time you have realized your pet is missing, Spot has already traveled far. Dogs will poke their nose through any hole and attempt to make it larger so that they can wiggle their way through. They hear things and smell things that they simply must discover. They love to leap to new adventures.
An owner of an expensive puppy would be even more concerned about their dogie getting out. Honesty often disappears when a finder of a lost puppy sees that little tail wagging. I saw a pet thief with my own eyes. She was paying for a pile of dog toys and supplies. She was so happy. The items were for the two runaway dogs she recently found. I asked her if she had tried to locate the owner and she only admitted making very feeble attempts. I did not know what to do and the pet store owner heard everything and she herself did not want to interfere.

View our DEMO to learn more.

gps dog collar versus dog microchip

The idea of finding your dogs before someone else does is alluring. So is the thought of getting them out of harms way. They do not understand how traffic works. There are big, major streets out there with fast traffic. In order to discover if the gps is a good idea for your dog, you should learn more about what they can do. You should also compare different models and definitely read reviews.
Many of the collars have what is called a programmable safety zone. This is the set parameter that you pet normally occupies. You can set several zones so that when you take your pet to the park, for instance, you will not need to reprogram. Some of the collars are designed to allow your pet 15 minutes to return after leaving a designated zone. This feature has it pros and cons. Many times, the dog does return and you will not be bothered with a false alarm. The bad part is, the dog can get a 15 minute head start.
Keep in mind that some gps packages only work with a monthly service commitment. Some collars will not even work on little dogs. A few of the brands have weight requirements. This is why you need to check and compare.
But keep searching. When it comes to the well-being of your pet, you do not want to take chances. Explore the advantages of a gps locator today.

With the Love My Pets GPS System, you can be proactive and immediately locate and track your pet as soon as you realize he or she is lost.

View our DEMO to learn more.





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